Complete sale Savoy popular Masters outlet online sale

Complete sale Savoy popular Masters outlet online sale

Complete sale Savoy popular Masters outlet online sale


The Savoy sessions, recorded mostly between 1946 and 48, have been considered one of the highest points of Charlie Parker s recording career. The complete masters featured here include other studio dates for small labels later acquired and re-issued by Savoy. Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis both appear among the personnel, and on four tracks Parker switches from alto to tenor.

Double CD includes many bonus tracks recorded for Guild in 1945 as well as an extremely rare date with trombonist Clyde Bernhard pianist Jay McShann, now issued with better sound quality than previously available.

Detailed booklet

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1 Tiny S Tempo
2 I LL Always Love You Just the Same
3 Romance Without Finance
4 Red Cross
5 Warming Up a Riff
6 Billie S Bounce
7 Now S the Time
8 Thrivin on a Riff
9 Meandering
10 Ko-Ko
11 Donna Lee
12 Chasin the Bird
13 Cheryl
14 Buzzy
15 Milestones
16 Little Willie Leaps
17 Half Nelson
18 Sippin at Bells
19 Another Hair-Do
20 Bluebird
21 Klaunstance
22 Bird Gets the Worm
23 Barbados
24 Ah-Leu-Cha
25 Constellation
26 Parker S Mood
27 Perhaps

Disc: 2

1 Marmaduke
2 Steeplechase
3 Merry-Go-Round
4 Groovin High
5 All the Things You Are
6 Dizzy Atmosphere
7 Dizzy S Boogie
8 Flat Foot Floogie
9 Poppity Pop
10 Slim S Jam
11 Salt Peanuts
12 Shaw Nuff
13 Lover Man
14 Hot House
15 What S the Matter Now?
16 I Want Every Bit of It
17 That S the Blues
18 G.I. Blues
19 4F Blues
20 Dream of You
21 Seventh Avenue
22 Sorta Kinda
23 Oh, Oh, My, My, Oh, Oh
24 Lay Your Habits Down
25 Triflin Woman Blues
26 So Good This Morning
27 Would You Do Me a Favor?

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